Serving those who served.

“I am confident that I would not have been able to create a self-sustaining business without the experience I gained through my time in service.”

- Adam, Military Service Veteran

Salute Graphic FASTENAL

Case Study: Fastenal Company

“The culture (at Fastenal) plays a major role and everybody here has been really outstanding to work with; a hard working organization and team that focuses on the values of ambition, innovation, integrity, and teamwork - which helped me relate back to the Army Values. The overall culture has been that of just do what needs to be done, get the job done - and that again resonates with the motto of Mission First, People Always.”

“Our focus on recruiting transitioning U.S. veterans isn't just an act of appreciation or goodwill — it's a strategic decision to reach out to a group of skilled, service-oriented men and women who share our values and have proven to be a great fit for our company. We're proud that so many active military members, reservists, and veterans are currently serving with Fastenal.”

Serving those who served.

Salute exists to create an atmosphere of camaraderie and trust within the local community of Active Duty, Guardsmen, Reservists, Veterans, and their families. As a regional network of employers, educators, non-profits, and support services, we focus our skills to mentor, educate, and enhance the futures for our participants through education, employment, support services, and networking.

Networking Events

Veterans: Meet real employers who can help you make CAREER choices.

Employers: Meet veterans who can become great life-long employees; provide the information they need to make a CAREER choice.

Educators: Help veterans and employers determine education paths needed to enable CAREER choices.

Career Advancement

Veterans: Engage with employers in the CAREER fields that you are interested in.

Employers: Build a pipeline of Veterans who are interested in your business/industry.

Educators: Stay in touch with both veterans and employers to maximize CAREER opportunities for both groups.


Veterans: Need a little more help in navigating CAREER, family and life challenges? SALUTE can pair you with mentors who are further down the path you are headed.

Employers: Have a veteran employee who could use some beyond-the-job help and guidance? SALUTE has mentors who have been there, done that. They want to help.

Find out how you can make a difference.